The Caffeine Addict’s Happy Meal

wp-image-687980549jpg.jpgOffice coffee is something that one has to live with. That coffee machine whirring at the corner of the pantry is the relief during those inhumane working hours. But for me, a cappuccino will like satiate my hunger.

I am a coffee lover to such an extent that visiting Starbucks is a bucket-list thing for me. The Au Bon Pain in the office campus used to catch my attention every time is went past it. Taking a whiff of the freshly brewed coffee and the breads was the extent of my visiting the place. I used to explain to my friend all the french behind the name but I never had the nerve to even take a look at the menu. Even if you are in the closest proximity of the shop taking a look at the menu, they would come asking for your order. And, I always thought that when you get a cappuccino for free from your very own barista(um, the pantry coffee machine with the blinking choices) why spend so much. This very thought prevented me every time from walking into the shoppe and I just ignored all of it. My friend and I were sitting idly today and I was gazing(tongue-wagging) at the coffee shop and he out of nowhere made an assumption that may be coffee here won’t be that exorbitant because it is inside the office campus. He just took me to at least have a look at the menu, and finding an Americano, regular at such a price made me jump in joy. I had a sumptuous meal with a chicken-Jalapeño,-sweet corn-overloaded mayonnaise cold sandwich a regular Americano. Later just out of curiosity, I checked out on Zomato what it would have actually cost me and I found out(much to my amazement that my friend predicted it right) that it was at one-third the price as compared to outside. It was a big win-win moment for the caffeine addict inside me.

Now, I would visit the place time to time from now, I guess. On second thoughts though, I don’t know, I get free coffee! 😉


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