Connection Established…


We all have always read those long stories about connecting to yourself and all. One common thing in all those articles is getting up in the morning. That feeling from getting up so early from your sleep while it’s still dark around used to hurt me and I could never think of being calm enough to “connect” to myself. All I thought of was, once I grow up I will sleep late and I will not have to wake up with the fear of school.

Now, that I have a flexible office timing, I usually have a routine to get up around 8 and rush to office. However, it takes a toll on your life. It’s like the five days of the week, you do not even exist for the real world. Working late, coming home and checking mails, eating something and crashing into the bed is all. But, I am happy because I can sleep late.

Recently, my friend forced me to join the office gym because he did not want to do it alone. After throwing much tantrums I finally decided to give it a try(secretly knowing that I would give up early.) Even worse it was when the slot that we got was the one that started at 7 in the morning. My childhood self gave me a devilish grin because my not-waking-up in the morning was about to be snatched away from me ruthlessly.

It was the sad Sunday evening. I put my alarm to 6 in the morning. Monday morning alarms are the worst and to make it worse it was at 6 a.m. I pulled myself up with great effort, and casually dragged myself to the balcony. What I felt was absolutely breathtaking. The absence of vehicles, the cool crisp Bangalore morning breeze, won my heart.

From that day I look forward to getting up at 6 in the morning, feel the morning breeze brush my face gently when I board the bus to reach the gym. I feel more connected than ever to my surroundings, to the people around me and most importantly to myself. Yes! all this all happens in the tranquility of the morning, leading to everyday discovering something brand new(I bet you got it!)

P.S.: Maa, you were always right, mornings are the best.! 🙂


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