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Do you remember the trips to the amusement parks or the water parks when we were small? Now, can you feel the excitement we felt all those times? I have a  déjà vu every time I see my mom on the social media. This is all about our beloved moms and their trips to the virtual amusement parks.

My mom never embraced the all-engulfing tech revolution. If anything, she loathed it. She was always like, “I do not understand a thing about it.” And we have all come across the lines, “What is so interesting about it?”, “How can you keep on staring at the screen whole day?”, “Just shut the laptop and talk to me!” or even “Who chats with you the whole day?” For my entire life, I have seen her so much preoccupied with me and my welfare and I think she never got time for these indulgences.

This was the scenario not until recently, when I moved out of the house and mom desperately needed to know my all-day updates. I signed her up on Facebook, so that, she can keep in touch with me via messenger, mainly for video calls and pretty  But how long can you keep a child confined into a room with known people when she knows there is a big unknown world outside waiting for her to be explored. My mom got in touch with a childhood friend of hers via Facebook and I saw her lit up with glee(and I was happy too seeing her that way). I can recall all those conversations on Messenger when she texted me and said, “I have an important thing to talk about, please call”. The following conversations came in different topics like, commenting on a photo, accepting friend requests or even posting photo with captions and let alone changing privacy settings!

Today, she has a pretty good grasp of the social media. She proofreads before commenting. She comments on my posts and feels happy. And she texts at the speed of a gen-y girl.

Mom, here’s my question for you…or um…well, let’s leave this as “no questions asked”. I am genuinely happy that you found a new hobby after me moving out(because I know how much you miss me). I may have wanted to give up on teaching you tech at times, but then again you taught me the alphabets…so, yeah! this is nothing. And yes, I love seeing you ‘active now’ on messenger. :*

P.S.: Feel free to text me or call me up anytime. With any fb-related query. 😉

P.P.S.: You’re welcome.


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