It sucks! You’re gonna love it.


With two of my closest friends are moving out in a few months, I am nostalgic. Nostalgic that it has almost been a whole year since I am living by myself. Memories, lots of them, come rushing.

It was in July last year when the final call came, for me and a bunch of my batch-mates. Amidst all the packing and booking tickets and a plethora of other stuffs, the day I left, I felt that I never got to say a proper goodbye to every corner of the house. The house that has been my home for the past 22 years.

The 40-hour long train journey bored the heck out of us, so much that there were times when we sat just staring at each other. Anyway, the iconic rain of Kerala greeted us on a Sunday noon. It took a few days for us to settle in Kochi.IMG_20160718_091626 The food, the bed everything was different but it was only the friends that soothed the stay away from home. Every video call at home ended in tears. Laundry was a nightmare and the whole process took a week or two to get acquainted to. Not to forget, the walks on the hilly terrain of Kerala, having to cross the huge(it was a hill for me) elevation even to go to the nearest market. Choosing while buying fruits was a totally dad-thing to be tried out. Getting a dustbin for the house? Just about to shout out, “DAD!…” and then reality struck, “You don’t live at home. Get up your lazy arse! Get yourself a dustbin and a broom or you will be stewing in your own filth.”

But living somewhere new has its own perks. Somewhere in between going to office and doing all the daily chores, within a month or so I found that I am playing roles of both mom and dad. And life smirked, “Yes, you grew up.” IMG-20161123-WA0002.jpgIt felt different, good different I guess. But then again, so what? Everyone does. Don’t they? Calls at home became more like talking about achievements of things that was totally avoided at home.
Going out with friends on weekend trips were a thing now(which is an entirely different story to be told.) I have moved again since then, shared the change with some, left some behind. Every place visited, every city lived in, is a new chapter. They are weird, beautiful stories that make flipping the pages back bring a smile to your face.

And while there may be a nest in all the cities, there is only one home, back there where booking the tickets to overwhelms you with joy.

Monica was so right with her disclaimer to Rachel, “Welcome to the real world! It sucks! You’re gonna love it.”


P. S.: No dad’s cards allowed.

P. P. S.: Get your own. It’s more fun.


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