Daydreaming during those mechanics lecture? Anyone? Everyone, I guess. Sitting during those physics practicals and wondering how everything fits into life. We have all been there. The walls of our room know how much we have wanted to go out of them and see outside.

Trips have always been the dream, and Goa trip, a dream of every engineer boxed and locked safely in the back of the mind. So, when it’s finally happening, you are bound to be excited.

This is about how I asked my friend to get his camera from home. I said him casually, how great it would be to have a camera on the trip. I am a person with not much sense of photography. Photos for me are memories. I have always wanted a simple handy digital camera to capture our moments. My friend never liked his camera. He is always whining about how nowadays the hype is all about P&S and DSLR. Fortunately, I managed to attain the camera from him. And I was happy beyond limits.

But receiving it was like getting stuck in a labyrinth. My friend asked for the camera from home and the courier was supposed to be received within a day. One thing I can warn you of, never ever miss a call from the courier delivery guy. The next few days was all about calling a zillion numbers and getting turned down from everywhere. There were times when holding the cam in my hands seemed far fetched. Walking distances, running hither thither, even getting on the wrong bus. And all that under the scorching B’lore sun. The fruit of hard work is sweet! I was literally jumping with joy when I finally found the digicam in my hands.

I keep on clicking pictures every now and then with it. It was exactly what I was looking for. My friend never gets how I can love it so much. Perhaps he will never know how much I treasure it. After all, small is cute.

Shorts…checked! Shades…checked! Sunscreen…checked! Flip-flops…checked! Tickets…checked! And now, camera…checked! Ready for some memories in summer. 🙂

P. S.: IT’S ON BABY!….um ok, let’s not jinx it. 😉 B)


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