I can be your California

When you watch Hollywood all day, you are bound to have a crush on California. Then Lucifer and TBBT are also there to blame. With the year-long sunny weather and the pristine coastline, California has always been the fool’s escape to paradise.
The long weekend accompanied by the intense desire to break away from the monotony of IT life resulted in the 3-day trip to Goa(Palolem beach to be more specific). I was whining about how I was in dire need of a vacation one day during lunch, and I remember the plans being made and the tickets being booked at an adrenalin rush.

After the jerks and the jolts during the overnight bus journey, and then an autoride when we finally reached the cottage by the beach. Oh. My. God. I ran down to the beach even before keeping my luggage in the room. The waves touching the feet- is a feeling that has remained unchanged ever since I was 5. I feel exactly the same glee everytime I am dipping in the salt waters, getting tanned in the sun and staring as far as possible to take in as much of the serenity as I can. For a laid back person like me who hates sightseeing(because it’s too tenuous and completely undermines the relaxation purpose of a trip), the best part was that our sightseeing was limited to the long morning walks on the beach discovering the backwaters and the islands nearby. The unraveling beauty of the place never stopped to amaze me.

The best part though was the nightfall. The scarlet beach at sunset. The hundreds of candles lighting up the beach when darkness engulfed. The moonlight defining the pristine shore. The salty breeze blowing through the hair. Bahari’s California screamed on the speakers and the beach sung to me at top of its voice, “I can be your California, I can your getaway…”
Amidst all the roaring waves and the walk on the moonlit beach, I found my flawed paradise.

A quick reference for the readers:

  • Lucifer and TBBT(The Big Bang Theory) are TV Series set up in LA and Pasadena respectively.
  • Here’s a link to California by Baharihttps://youtu.be/n9RT6FZAGkw

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