Earn. Shop. Repeat.

Confessions-of-a-Shopaholic-DI-1The best part of dad getting a new wallet was that I could get to play make-belief credit cards from those cards in the card compartments of the wallet. Cards for me back then was absolute magic. It was like those cards can get you anything without money. And just like Rebecca of Confessions of a Shopaholic, we all dreamt of owning those magic cards.

Carrie Bradshaw‘s outfits are the major reason why I watched Sex and the City(series and films!). Don’t tell me you have not ever dreamt of Carrie’s walk-in closet. A working woman needs a wadrobe that allows her to put a sparkle with her dresses in the mundane weekdays. Yes! It’s a need. What do you think wakes us up on a Monday morning? Moreover, Meera from Girl in the City¬†web series gave us major fashion goals for every occasion.And, we can’t rock a blue jeans-black tee all the time. Like, seriously guys how do you do it? Kudos for that!

One of my favorite pastimes is going through online fashion apps and wishlisting. I actually have a monthly budget for picking up a wishlisted item and placing an order. And the day of your-order-will-be-delivered-today message is pure bliss. Receiving the parcel is like a surprise gift for self. However, the cycle of wishlisting-moving to cart-placing order-receiving-rejoicing is never-ending. Scouring the apps for affordable fashion is what I have become good at, apparently. Shopping at malls is rare though. I remember buying a distressed denim jeans from the mall at spur of the moment. It was infact the start of a fresh month, so my friend was in charge to prevent me from shopping for the rest of the month. Ugh! That was hard.


May be that’s why dad told never to own a credit card. The extravagance then, would be impossible to control. Amidst all this shopping sagas, the one thing that I have felt is that nothing compares to the joy of shopping with your own cards, the excitement of using cards with your names(rather than dad’s) written for your sartorial indulgences. I have had friends gifting their parents literally with their dad’s money. I have also had friends waiting for an internship to buy gifts, and I admire them. For some of us, asking dad for superfluity is beyond our imagination, while it comes very naturally to some. Pampering him with brands gives me an immense happiness rather than demanding them from him. And what-was-the-need-for-all-these moments with dad are the ones to live for. All those years of school and college, finally for this.

P. S.: I went a little too extravagant on the recent Flipkart’s 10th birthday sale.


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